For Whom

Especially for:

  • Entrepreneurs & small business owners who need to quickly learn how to advertise online effectively
  • Marketers who outsourced digital marketing duties hence need to know how their agencies are doing
  • Affiliate marketers who want to improve their online advertising to increase profits

How Courses are Designed

Designed with these in mind:

  • Concepts made easy to understand
  • Just enough theory to quickly start advertising effectively
  • Include best practices learned over the years managing customers’ and own accounts
  • Videos on how to operate the platforms (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads)
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About me

Companies Trained

Ministry of Manpower, Singapore2017-10-20T15:18:28+08:00
Grand Hyatt2017-10-21T13:41:06+08:00

Accounts Managed

National Instruments2017-10-21T13:45:35+08:00
Ingersoll Rand2017-10-21T13:44:10+08:00

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