Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

//Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

I get this question all the time, “What would you recommend for my business, google or facebook ads?”.  In order to answer this question, lets have a look at when people will see your Google or Facebook ads.

On Google, suppose I am looking for an interior design company. I will go Google to search for interior design Singapore. That is when your ads will appear.  Now, the user is searching for your business and is highly interested, might click over to your website and contact you.

Lets have a look at Facebook ads.  On Facebook, I haven’t thought of getting some tools to help me in social media. Saw this ad and thought well maybe I have a look.  So the ad generated interest in something I wasnt looking to buy as yet.

So now it is easy to see. Facebook is good for reaching more people to generate demand, but these people as of now will have lower interest.  People on Google however, searched for your business and is able to find you fast. This is a smaller audience but will more likely turn into customers.

So a general answer is I will recommend customers to start with Google search ads first as it brings highly qualified visitors. If they have excess budget and wants more customers, they can advertise on Facebook too.

A more complete answer is it also depends on the cost of clicks on the platforms too. Some industries e.g. real estate, forex etc are extremely competitive on Google search and the cost is hence high there. In these cases, Facebook can actually perform better.

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