How to exclude Google ads appearing in mobile APPs

//How to exclude Google ads appearing in mobile APPs

In this video, we will be going through how to adjust your Google ads settings so that your ads do not show in mobile apps.

Google Ads in Mobile Apps

First of all, Google ads can also appear in mobile apps in the following formats i.e.

-Banners at top or bottom of screen

-Interstitial that appears at natural breaks e.g. level completions

-Rewarded videos that rewards users for watching ads

-Native ads that look and feel like the app it is in

Generally i would recommend opting out of showing ads in mobile apps if your goal is lead generation rather and brand and awareness, as the performance is normally not good.  Up till recently, we can exclude ads from showing in mobile apps by specifying as a placement exclusion.

Starting in Sep 2018, this will no longer be supported.  In Google’s words, “as a result of these changes, you may see a significant increase in mobile apps… traffic”.  This is definitely not what we will want.

So the workaround is to now exclude all mobile app categories.  Lets have a look at the Google ads interface.

Setting up in Google Ads

You go to the display network campaign where you want to exclude ads from showing in mobile apps.  Click into it.  We can add this exclusion at the campaign level, so just click over to the “placements” menu, under the exclusion tab, we have the current settings of to exclude ads in mobile apps.

Now lets edit these placements.  Check that we are editing for the campaign level.  So now we can delete since it will not be supported any more starting Sep 2018.

Then you see there is this “App categories”, of which there are 141 categories as seen in the bracket here.  Now click into it and tick all the categories.  A lot of work there!  Remember to click save once done.

Setting up via AdWords editor

There is an easier method though by using the Adwords editor.

We find the display network campaign to edit, click on “keywords and targeting”.  Under “Mobile app categories, Negative”, click this “add negative mobile app category”.   Select campaign level, then this “All apps”.  Click ok, then post and you are good to go!  Definitely much easier here!

Ok there you have it, you can now exclude your ads from showing in mobile apps again!

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