How to use Facebook and Google Remarketing, Part 2

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In this video, we continue on other targeting techniques you can use for your business to get even more out of your advertising, namely retargeting in this video.

You can actually save some budget by excluding people who have purchased or sent you enquiries. If you are building an emailing list, you should also exclude retargeting those who are already on your list.
Be sure to update these exclusion lists regularly to get the most of this.

If you run a tuition website and also sell nutritional products for kids, you can actually share your retargeting list between these 2 websites because they are basically targeting parents. For this to work, you can use the same tracking codes for both websites and also share customer lists used to retarget by uploading these lists to the respective accounts you own.

Lastly a note of caution not to be too persistent in showing your ads to the point visitors get upset after seeing your ads too many times. We can control this by limiting the number of times ads are shown. This feature is available in Google AdWords, under campaign settings.

That’s all for this series on remarketing, hope its useful!

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