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In this video, we look at some retargeting techniques you can use for your business to get even more out of your retargeting.

First, you should always try to show the most relevant ads to increase your chances of success.  If someone viewed a phone on your website, you naturally want to retarget these visitors with ads about phones.   Hence you should always create lists of people based on the pages visited then show them ads about the things they saw on your website.

Now, retargeting can be used to encourage not only purchases, enquiries, phone calls etc. but also newsletter signups.  To do this, you create another page to encourage newsletter signups but bid lesser for these as they are less valuable then ads encouraging purchases.  In other words pay lesser per visitor to this newsletter signup page.

To encourage newsletter signups, entice people with different things.  Some people prefer video courses, some like coupons while others might like checklists.  So you should try to create different offerings and attract people with different free things, what we call lead magnets.

Lastly, have you tried phrasing your ads differently?  People respond to different phrases and or prefer different ways of contact.  So try different phrases like email us, contact us, learn more, call back etc. and see what works best.

That’s all for part 1 on retargeting.  Look out for part 2 coming soon!

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